„Flensburg liebt dich“ (Flensburg loves you) is an image campaign initiated by the Die schönste Förde der Welt e.V. association. As a diverse amalgamation of representatives of local businesses, its members are commited to improving communal life in Flensburg. One of the most popular events organized so far is the Flensburg-liebt-dich-Marathon, first held in 2017.

Ringhotels e.V. is one of Germany's oldest and largest hotel associations. Ringhotels guarantees the highest standards in service, catering and overall quality for each of its 130 members.

Built in 1908, the Alexandra, or „Alex“, as Flensburg’s residents have lovingly nicknamed it, is Germany’s oldest and last seaworthy passenger steamship. The Salondampfer Alexandra e.V. friends’ association is thus dedicated to maintaining and preserving this historical treasure. The Alexandra is a genuine part of Flensburg which can be admired at the museum harbour and, on rare occasions, in action in the fjord.